Rules of Custom Web Design in Lethbridge, AB

Phases of web design process: requirements gathering, planning, web layout design, programming and usability testing.

Phase 1

It is vital for Lethbridge website designer to gather as much appropriate data as possible. Providing this information will help you save resources and time.

Often, web design agency sends the potential customer a web planner. This initial planner is a series of questions, listed in a document.

It is preferable that you answer as many questions as possible: Your phone number, approximate budget. Web designer also should ask client certain questions such as:

  • Goal
    What do you intend to fulfill with the help of this web site?
  • Visitors in Alberta
    Is there a particular group of people that will assist you achieve your purposes? Consider their age and sex – this will in the future help to define ideal design style for your web project.
  • Information
    What kind of information will the target visitors be seeking for on this website? Are these visitors looking for certain content, a specific product, online ordering?

Lethbridge Web designer blueprints every section of your web project.

Lethbridge Website designer is not a wizard or mindreader. Great web design in Lethbridge, AB depends on correct site structure and an exact project definition.

Testing, and Adding the content, provided by client

Lethbridge Web designer adds the content to your website and tests every section.

Web sites, that stay fresh, do their best to increase brand authority.

Supplementary services

  • Adding products to online store
  • Web marketing solutions in Southern Alberta

We develop exceptional websites. Our studio works for companies in Lethbridge as well as in the surroundings.

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